Dayton Hamvention® Emergency Communications Unit Display

Greetings! Dayton Hamvention® is just around the corner. We would like to invite emergency communications organizations to bring their ecomm trailers, vans or pop up shelter for display.

This is a great opportunity to share your concepts, designs, ideas, layout and equipment for emergency communication to give others ideas on designing their own unit or updating their existing one!

We would like to have a variety of units from those purchased with Homeland Security Grants to the ones put together with what you had available or given to you just as long as it is a dedicated EMCOMM unit.

We do need to know the following:

  • Contact Person Name:
  • Agency/Affiliation:
  • Home Phone:
  • Cell Phone:
  • Email Address:
  • Size of the unit:

Space is limited so please do not delay in letting us know if you can attend and include the above requested information.

The display is located outside the fenced area of the flee market on the north west side of the property where the buses pick up and drop off, giving everyone ample opportunity to view the units as they arrive and depart the facility.

We have been authorized by the Dayton Hamvention® staff up to five (5) general admission tickets for Dayton Hamvention® good for all 3 days, which are also eligible for the door prizes and three (3) parking passes which allow you to park close to the display area, per unit on display.

There are a few basic rules we have to obey:

  1. No generators allowed at any unit. Generator power will be available to each unit for a small charge. Bring long extension cords.
  2. No selling or trading from or out of the displayed units
  3. No holes or damage to the blacktop. If you have to use jacks or stabilizers they should have a large footprint or use a 2" thick wooden pad sufficient to distribute the weight of the vehicle.

Again Space is somewhat limited so please email us back as soon as possible.

My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Note: We are not directly connected to the Dayton Hamvention® staff, but are working in cooperation with them to accomplish having the units on display.

Thank You for your time and consideration
Gary Hollenbaugh NJ8BB Emcomm Unit Coordinator

Gary Hollenbaugh NJ8BB